Community Programs

Community Outreach - Ongoing:

Our community programs are both ongoing and seasonal. • Provide encouragement in the performance of mitzvoth and good deeds • Give advice and counsel on any aspect of Judaism • Help other Jews put on Tefillin • Spread Chassidic joy • Visit hospitals, the elderly, and the unwell • Give out weekly newsletters with information on the weekly Torah portion and upcoming holidays • Hand-out Shabbat candles and encourage women to light them • Community Chavrusa program Thursday nights

Community Outreach - Seasonal

• Chanukah events including parties, handing out Menorahs and encouraging people to light them, parades, public Menorah lightings • Purim Megillah readings, parties, provision of Shalach Manot • Organized disemination of Shmura Matza to thousands of people prior to Pesach • Visits to hospitals, prisons, and old age homes
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