Bus Transportation

The Chanukah break will start on Wednesday Kislev 27/Dec. 01
Seder will resume on Tuesday Teves 3/ Dec. 07 at 7:30am.

We are pleased to inform you that we will be arranging a bus to travel to NY and the Buffalo Airport, and return after Chanukah.

Wednesday, Kislev 27/Dec 01.
8:00 AM – Pick up from Mesivta Lubavitch Toronto, 3055 Bathurst Street
10:00 AM – drop off Buffalo Airport
10:00 PM – drop off corner of President St. and Kingston Ave.

Monday, December 6
11:00 AM – Pick up from the corner of President St. and Kingston Ave
8:00 AM – Arrive at Mesivta Lubavitch Toronto. 

Toronto – NY $135 USD each way.
To the Buffalo Airport 50 USD.

BUY Tickets here

Purpose: Payment for Student Services
What Student Services: Bus to . . .