iPod Library

The iPod Library Comes to Mesivta Lubavitch Toronto

There’s nothing to shorten a bus-ride like listening to some good Jewish music, and there’s no better way to fall asleep at night than after watching a Geshmakeh clip of a moment with the Rebbe.

As many of you may have heard, for the last zman we partnered with The iPod Library to bring 15 iPod classics to The Mesivta for loan by the Bochurim.

The iPod Library is a growing body of iPods currently housing over 30 iPods, which will be available for loan by the Talmidim of The Mesivta throughout the course of the year for  periods of 2 days at a time. Please download the contract here for more details. If you have any further questions you may click here to email them directly.

BH, it has been a great success and the Talmidim really enjoyed it. Therefore, it is our pleasure to once again offer this service for this shnas halimudim of  5773. The Library will be opening after the Yomim Tovim.

Please be reminded that we will be enforcing our rule with regards to any electronic devices. There will be ZERO TOLERANCE for any device brought to Mesivta. This includes ALL mobile devices! iPods, MP3s, Cellphones or any other devices.

 We appreciate your cooperation as this is for your son’s spiritual as well as emotional safety. In the event that a mobile device will be brought, it will  be confiscated immediately, not to be returned and your son may be asked to leave the Mesivta.

If you would like for your son to join the iPod Library, please fill out the enclosed contract and have him bring it with him. This is necessary even if your son was a member in the past.

Annual membership for the library is $40. You may pay by cash or by check made out to cash. If you would like, you may send the form by email to [email protected].

To Download the contract click here.

For more information on the iPod Library you can e-mail directly by clicking HERE.