Yeshivas Kayitz Application

We are pleased to inform you that the Yeshiva B’Kayitz program will once again take place on our Yeshiva grounds in Toronto.

In order to facilitate a proper and successful summer program we require that the application form including financial details be completed.

As a reminder, the summer program is mandatory for all Talmidei HaYeshiva regardless of which Yeshiva your son will attend the coming year.

The Yeshiva B’Kayitz program maintains the regular year round Yeshiva structure, environment and high standard of learning, while offering extracurricular activities (swimming, sports, excursions, Shabbatons etc.). The atmosphere is enhanced with our Talmidim HaShluchim and additional “yoshvim” that join us for the summer.

This year’s summer program will begin Thursday, 8 Tammuz (July 14, 2016) 8:30pm and conclude on Thursday, 14 Av (August 18, 2016) following Shacharis.

For Tuition and Fees, please click HERE.

A $200.00 discount will be applied to all applications accompanied with full payment by 24th of Iyar (June 1, 2016).

Applications may be:
1. Submitted online, click HERE to apply online.
2. Downloaded and then sent to us. Click HERE to download the form.

The completed form can be either:

  •    Mailed to 35 Roberta Drive, Toronto Ontario M6A 2J6, or
  •    Delivered to Rabbi Oster’s office in Yeshiva

For more information, please email us by clicking HERE.